Program Data

Manage your organization’s individual programs and services by enrolling contacts,  creating custom forms, and creating events.

Easily create new programs

You can easily create new programs as your nonprofit expands. You can simply grant access to users and assign contacts to the program as you create it.

Assign participating contacts

Add and remove contacts participating in your programs, tracking program specific information including join and exit dates, status, custom forms, and assigning contacts to groups or cohorts

Manage program events

Create single or repeating events for your programs and manage registration and attendance of the participating clients. This could include one time events such as galas, charity events, or repeating events such as classes.

Create custom program forms

Create customized forms with any data fields to meet your program's specific needs. Track submissions by participating contacts at any time.

Program statistics and reporting

View and analyze common program statistics to see how your programs are progressing. You can filter and export program data for further use as well.

Program security and access

We understand some programs may contain sensitive information. You can assign access and permissions to specific users to hide program data from unauthoroized users.