Manage your organization’s events.  You can create single events, such as charity events, conferences or registration events.  You can also create repeating events such as classes or meetings.

Create or import events

Easily create an event by setting the schedule, optionally assigning programs, and initially registering contacts, or use our guided importer.

Assign events to programs

You can assign specific events to programs..

Registration and attendance

Manage registration and attendance history for all events. Registration is available internally, but can optionally be available to the public as well.

General notes

You can record any notes and assign a timestamp for individual or repeating events.

Documents and files

Upload or download files pertaining to individual or repeating events.. This could include event surveys, attendance sheets, or even videos/audio files.

Custom forms

Manage submissions of your customized forms for individual or repeating events. This could include common forms such as rosters, charity forms and much more.

Event statistics and reporting

Analyze your event history and progress using our visualizations and analysis tools. You can filter and export event data for further use as well.