Custom Forms

Create and manage customized forms and fields to meet your program needs.  You can use our easy to use drag-and-drop form builder too easily design your forms.  These forms can be used for general purpose forms such as surveys, forms for your clients such as intake or donation forms, or forms for your events such as ticketing forms.

Create your custom forms

Create forms for your contacts, events, or entire organization.

Easily design your forms

Use our simple drag-and-drop form builder to design your forms. You can add nearly any type of input field such as text, number, date, dropdoown, or even signature boxes.

Preview and publish your forms

You can preview your forms to see what they will look like prior to publishing them. You can optionally publish your forms to be available to the public, make them available only to your contacts or keep them private where only your staff can submit form entries.

Track form submissions

Track any submissions for your customized forms. You can search, analyze and create reports from your custom forms.