Contact Management

Whether it is a person just calling for information, a well established donor, someone volunteering for your organization, or a person participating in several of your programs, you can easily search, manage and analyze any contacts.

Easily create or import contacts

With just a name, you can easily create a contact or use our guided importer. You can optionally add contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses to help prevent duplication.

Quickly search contacts

Need to look up a contact quickly? Use the quick search at the top to find a contact from anywhere within seconds. You can also use our advanced search to filter, save, and export contact information.

Analyze your contacts

Visualize and discover trends of your contacts with our analysis tools.

Add contact information

Manage contact phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and general information.

Assign contacts to programs

Assign contacts to your programs, optionally assign them to program groups, and manage program specific data.

Manage contact giving

Manage a contact's giving status, view giving history and statistics, and optionally organize contacts into donor groups.

Manage contact volunteering

Manage a contact's volunteering status, optionally assign them to volunteer groups, manage their availability and activity.

Event history and registration

View and manage a contact's event attendance history or register them for events.

Custom forms

Manage submissions of your customized forms for individual contacts. This could include common forms such as intake or consent forms, or program specific forms such as surveys.

Documents and files

Upload or download files pertaining to individual contacts.. This could include signed documents, copies of identification, pictures, or even videos/audio files.

General notes

You can record any notes and assign a timestamp for individual contacts.

Assign staff to contacts

Manage relationships between your staff members and contacts. This can include tracking case managers, mentors, coaches and really any type of role..

Contact relationships

Manage relationships between other contacts in your database. This could include tracking family units or households, communities organizations, friends and much more.