In 2009, our founder was attending the University of Arizona studying Geology with a minor in Computer Sciences..  His at the time girlfriend, now wife, was working for a local nonprofit while attending school.  She asked him if he could possibly replace their nonprofit’s access database with a web driven database all of their employees could simultaneously use at any given time.  He knew very little of databases and web applications at the time, but decided to give it his best effort in learning these new to him technologies to help out this small nonprofit.  Little did he know, this would change the course of both his interests and career path.


Fast forward several years later after starting a career as a software engineer and spending countless hours self educating on best practices in database design and administration, software development, security, web and mobile applications, our founder started a small business specializing in building custom database solutions for nonprofit organizations.  It was not long before the business was building secure and scalable database solutions for many small to large sized nonprofits in the Tucson, Phoenix, and Detroit areas..  From 2010 to 2020, we worked with many different nonprofits, evaluators, analysts, state employees, and specialists to obtain a robust understanding of how nonprofits collect, analyze and disseminate their data.


March 2020.  We all know what happened during this time.  The COVID-19 global pandemic really changed the landscape and impacted many, many nonprofit organizations across nearly every sector.  It became very evident nonprofits needed cloud based solutions to collect, store and analyze their data.  This would allow staff and decision makers to efficiently and effectively continue their operations from either in offices or remote locations.  It was also at this time our founder reflected on his past work and realized many of the custom solutions he built for his customers had common core features and functionality.  We also felt there was a void in existing cloud solutions for specifically tracking program data for nonprofits.  Many nonprofits depend on their own program data and reporting for fundraising opportunities such as grants.  We decided to create a cloud based software solution for nonprofits to track data for what we consider are the major components of every nonprofit organization: Contacts/Clients, Program Data, Fundraising, Volunteering, Events, and File Storage.  

Blast Off!

SwiftRocket is a secure, scalable and reliable database solution for nonprofits to track all of their data in a centralized solution.  Check out our features and see if we can help your nonprofit blast off.

What’s with the name?

First of all, our young son is obsessed with model rockets.  We often find ourselves at the park shooting rockets up into the sky, only to have to chase and search for them after the wind inevitably carries them off every single time.  We find our software very relatable to the characteristics of a rocket though.  Our software is quick, powerful, and can really help launch nonprofits to new levels.