Why board the rocket?

Our software allows nonprofits to track all the information important to them. Our software has the tools for nonprofits to manage their information, leading to successful day-to-day operations, fundraising, reporting and analysis. We found the following features were among the most important and commonly requested across various nonprofit sectors.

Program Data

Does your nonprofit offer many programs or services? Manage your nonprofit program data with our tools to help better your client relationships, data tracking, analysis and reporting.


Are you looking for fundraising? Manage your grants, campaigns, donor relationships, gift and donation information with us.


Do you need to track volunteers? Manage your volunteers, their availability and past activity with our robust software.


Does your nonprofit host or track events? Manage your nonprofit's single or recurring events. Our software allows you to manage client registration and attendance to your events.


Looking to store your import files and documents in one location? Manage your nonprofit's important files on our cloud-based storage. We also allow you to associate files to specific clients or events.

Custom Forms

Need to create your own custom data? Manage your own data by creating custom forms and fields. You can associate your custom data to fundraising, clients, or events. Our software is all about data, so it rightfully should let you track your own data needs.


Using existing software? No problem, we allow for the integration of commonly used 3rd party software such as Stripe, DonorPerfect, and many others.


Concerned about security and the safety of your data? You should be and we take this very seriously. We use SHA-256 with RSA SSL encryption, optional 2FA (two-factor authentication), cloud infrastructure w/ redundancy offering 99.99% availability, and nightly backups.


Having trouble or questions? We strive to offer the highest quality customer support experience. We not only will provide support any issues or questions, but will take customer feedback and feature requests to make our software a better experience.

About SwiftRocket

SwiftRocket was established in 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Previously, we developed customized database solutions for our customers.  We found we were building a lot of the same functionality and features into each customer’s database.  During the pandemic, it became clear nonprofits needed cloud based solutions to collect, store and analyze their data.  SwiftRocket felt there was a void in existing solutions for specifically tracking program data for nonprofits.  We decided to create a cloud based software solution for nonprofits to track data for what we consider are the major components of every nonprofit organization: Contact/Client, Fundraising, Volunteering, Program & Services Data, Events, and File Storage.

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